The Scottish Episcopal Church has released this prayer for the time of the Coronation.

A prayer for the Coronation


Eternal and ever-reigning God,

you created the heavens and the earth

and hold all things in the palm of your hand.

You call us to work with you,

in the ordering of society

and the flourishing of life.


We pray for Charles as he is anointed and crowned King.

Give him wisdom, love and understanding

enabling him to work for the good of all.

May he inspire, encourage and support those he serves,

and be a model of grace, justice and mercy.

We pray too for Camilla as she is anointed and crowned Queen,

for William and all their family, and for all who support them

in their service to the people of this land, and the commonwealth of nations.


As we celebrate our community life,

give us hearts for gratitude and celebration,

a desire to enjoy all life’s benefits with our neighbours,

and voices to sing with joy for all your gifts to us,

through Jesus Christ our Lord,



(With thanks to Jenna for the amazing cake!)



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