The church often leaves environmental themes to the Autumn, around ‘Harvest’, but come to think of it, why not Easter as well? If anything could be in need of resurrection right now, the environment would be high on the list. Climate crisis, loss of biodiversity, and the threat to soil and water through pollution are just three of the most serious concerns we face.

The eco-exhibition on Easter weekend was intended to arouse interest in the need to make our church and lives greener. However well-informed we are, there’s always more to learn and, importantly, do!

The exhibition included leaflets from Green Christian, with advice on making our church greener. We exhibited a set of ingredients for a vegetarian meal (pasta arrabiata) from The Good Store across the road. Other more environmentally friendly products included a bamboo scrubber, a bird-feeder, and bamboo toilet rolls.

Small steps become big strides when we all collaborate. It’s also important to keep talking about these themes – the evidence is that others change their behaviour when they feel part of the conversation too! Well done eco-group!



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