Sundays in September begin the season of Creationtide – a time to focus on the natural world and our responsibility for the environment, especially in the face of climate change, loss of biodiversity, and the degredation of air, soil and water.

On Sunday we thought about the theme ‘Choose Life’ (from Deuteronomy ch30). Moses linked this to the Ten Commandments, and we wondered what new ‘ten commandments’ we might need in the face of the environmental crisis.

Many environmental organisations offer such lists. In what follows, the first five are near-universally agreed on. The second five are also commonly advocated.

Ten commandments for Creationtide

1. Eat a plant-based diet

2. Avoid air travel

3. Live car-free

4. Reduce energy use (e.g. through insulation)

5. Make voice heard to those in power (e.g transition away from fossil fuels)

6. Enhance green spaces (e.g. planting trees)

7. Use clean energy

8. Cut consumption and waste

9. Take action in your local community

10. Invest responsibly


We also thought about some really practical ways we could care better for the environment.

Download our Ecotips for Sept 4 th 




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